Friday, 13 May 2016


As a condominium manager, you may face problems of all nature, big , small, technical or legal. The first and most crucial step to solving these problems is actually to have a full  and through understanding of the problem. This happens to be a common fault with most condominium managers. They love to dive in and solve  problems without having a full understanding of what is going on. Failure to understand a problem leads to failure to implement the correct, effective and efficient solution.  And in some cases, managers make the mistake of implementing a short term solution instead of a longer more permanent alternative. This may in turn be detrimental to the HOA as they have to spend more time and resources addressing a recurring problem. 

It is therefore important for managers to have a thorough understanding before proceeding to solve an issue. And managers will have to look into the various alternative solutions  to a  problem , weigh their options carefully with the best interest of the HOA and home owners at heart before recommending a solution to the Board. 
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