Sunday, 24 April 2016

Sustainable Buildings

Bahrain World Trade Centre, Manama Bahrain
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Sustainable Buildings otherwise known as Green Buildings refer to buildings that are environmentally friendly. Sustainable Buildings is a concept invented in the 1970s in response to the energy crisis. The limited oil and water supply led to the birth of the concept of Sustainable Buildings. 

Right from its conception to maturity, environmentally friendly features and materials are used or incorporated into the building equipment and appliances of a Sustainable Building. These buildings  also use water, energy and other resources efficiently while reducing pollution and elements that harm the environment. A Sustainable Building may be built in a location that have little harmful impact on the environment. 

Shanghai Tower, China
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There are several authorities that certifies if a Building is a Sustainable one, rankings and recognition  also plays a part in encouraging Developers to built environmentally friendly buildings. 

With the myriad of environmental problems these days, it is important that  developers play an active role in protecting the environment. Land reclamation and deforestation are often carried out to meet people’s demand for space at the expense of endangering the wildlife and nature.
Gherkin, London
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