Sunday, 22 November 2015

Organizational Skills

Organisational skill is best described as the ability to use time, energy and resources to effectively achieve goals. This description of organisational skill is enough to give you a sense of its importance, not just in your career but in your everyday lives.  An organized person often makes full use of their time and achieve their objectives for the day.

When you display good organizational skill at work you will realise that you become  more productive and are able to achieve your end results in a shorter amount of time. You will find it easier to meet deadlines even when you have multiple of them. Employees with organizational skill gives the employer an indication of their capability, a good impression to the bosses which may in turn lead to promotions. As you move up the ladder into the managerial roles planning skills become a more prominent part of your career. To move up the career ladder it is therefore important for you to get organized. 

I bet many of you often leave your office wondering what have you done for the day? Yes you were busy but you seem to have a lot more work left behind. It feels like you have not done anything for the day. You keep wondering where your time had gone to. If you feel this way, start worrying. Although you may be part of a huge number of people who feels this way, it is important to note that there are some people who feel exactly the opposite.  They leave work feeling happy and satisfied that they have accomplished everything that they have set to achieve for the day. They have met their target and goals for the day and now they can go home relax and unwind and leave thoughts about work behind. They can be physically and mentally present for their family and friends without having to think about work when they are with their loved ones. So what is it about these people that are so special? Well organisational skill! They plan their day and set up short term targets and goals to meet for the day which eventually lead them to meet their long term goals. It makes them have a purpose for each day and helps them be focused on their goals. Organizational skills help individuals plan and prioritise their actions and activities in a way that makes them achieve their goals.

Getting organized is really quite simple.The first step towards getting organized is to make a list. You do not have to start too far, you may begin by simply making a list of your tasks for the day. 
The basic logic for making a list is simply to keep you focussed and set your goals for the day.  This list will make you productive in an orderly manner and eliminate or minimize distractions. You may go one step further and arrange the items on your list in order of priority. Start with the urgent tasks first, get them cleared followed by the simpler tasks and so forth. You may provide a timeline for yourself to accomplish each task. Once you have completed a task, you can scratch them off your list . Savour the satisfaction of scratching the tasks off your list. Trust me it will provide you with the motivation to complete the next task on hand. You will also realise that with this list, you tend to multi task less, even if you were distracted by phone calls or your colleague, you will come back to your list and complete your tasks in an orderly manner.

Besides prioritising, you should also identify from your list tasks that can be delegated or postponed. This helps to ensure that the task is completed while you can focus your attention on other tasks. As a Facilities Manager, I am sure a lot of the tasks on hand are to be delegated to the respective service providers, you job is to monitor if they have completed the tasks accordingly and satisfactorily. 
The next important step to becoming more organized is to reduce clutter. Clutter is the main stumbling block towards being efficient and productive. Both mental and physical clutter is equally bad. Do you know that your desk often shows the state of mind you are in? Don’t believe me? Try observing the desk of one of your colleague or managers who always appear clam , relaxed and in control and the desk of a colleague who is always  anxious, complaining and stressed. Notice the clutter on their desk yet?  You will notice that in case of the calm and cool person, their desk is free from clutter, everything has a proper place, documents filed away neatly whereas in the case of the stressed up person their desks often cluttered and they often have to search through a pile of stuffs just to find a document. 

Organisational skills not only have a positive impact on your career, it also have a positive impact on your health. It is one of the best way to relieve stress. A simple thing like getting your wardrobe organised can have some impact on your stress level. 

Poor organisational skills may cause stress and anxiety. Imagine you are already stressed up with your work assignments and you have to come to work and face a pile of mess on your desk everyday.  Stress induced headaches and backaches are a common physical symptoms that are more prevalent in people with poor organisational skills.