Thursday, 29 October 2015

Mental Strength & Facilities Management / Owners Association Management

Mental strength and OAM or FM …seems like a very unlikely connection?A lot of you may wonder what has mental strength got to do with FM and OAM? Well Owners Association Management and Facilities Management has a lot to do with mental strength. 


Mental strength in my opinion is the ability to compartmentalise your thoughts and emotions so that it will not get in the way of your decision making. It is the ability to keep calm in trying situations and the ability to keep a positive attitude when facing trying times. 


Since I am not an expert in this field, i  am going to touch as little as i can on how you can improve your mental strength. It is best that you explore the “how” portion on your own, but one popular method of improving mental strength is meditation. Anyway, as you explore more on ways you can improve your mental strength you will find that they all have one common denominator and that is to teach you to relax. Enough about the how let us get to the crux of this topic. 


No matter which country you are working in, the job of a Facilities Manager or a Strata Manager is surrounded by a sea of negativity. For the most parts an FM or OAM is aways dealing with problems from human to technical.  Dealing with unhappy tenants and service providers on a daily basis can definitely take a toll on anyone. Everyday you are faced with a thousand and one problems to solve. Its understandable that on some days or weeks it can be so trying that you may find it hard to get out of bed. 

When you are filled with negative emotions, it is very hard to perform your job well. Coming from a negative place and having to deal with less than ideal situations at work may prove to be detrimental to your performance. Negative emotions may cloud your judgement and cause you to make impulsive decisions. 

A good FM is one who is able to conquer his or her emotions and think objectively. An FM’s job is not just based on technical and theoretical knowledge, FM’s job also has a large Emotional component to it as 90% of the job involves dealing with and managing people and this requires a tremendous amount of mental strength and control over one’s emotions. If you have read my entry on dealing with complains you will find how relevant mental strength is in your job as an FM. 
Company Level

For an FM or an OAM company, your people is your asset. It is therefore good if you could invest in the betterment of your staff , improving their quality of life. On a company level you can conduct courses on improving mental strength for the benefit of your staffs. People who are mentally strong thrives in a challenging environment. I am sure I don’t have to tell you that certain commercial,industrial or even residential property can have a tenant mix that can be especially challenging for an FM or OA manager. Despite an experienced FM, you will also need someone who have a good control over their emotions and tremendous mental strength so that they can withstand the challenges faces, sometimes on a daily basis, for longer duration. 
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